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Future Products

2.8 meter diameter AWM.
Ketech is developing a 2.8 meter diameter AWM. This AWM is equipped with a 2 kW generator. The first prototype is being field tested at a location in Korea. The yearly output is expected to be 4x the output of the 1.5 meter diameter AWM.

2.8 meter diameter AWM

Automatic brake system
This system will stop or slow down the turbine at very high wind speeds without human intervention. The autobrake system is an additional safety measurement for all AWMs.

KEtech is developing a controller system for the 0.75 and 1.5 meter diameter AWM. This will guarantee the highest possible efficiency for the AWM. This controller will be a tailor made product for AWM.

Hybrid wind and solar
A field test is going on to evaluate the performance of a hybrid model. Wind and solar energy are combined. This will give the customer a continuous (and higher) yield of electricity. This system will also allow customers to be totally independent from the power grid. This feature makes it very suitable for locations that are not nearby any power grid connection.


Hybrid wind and solar


Smart energy storage
Ketech is developing a hybrid energy control system to optimize the energy storage of wind and solar power. The system will combine the advantages of an off-grid and grid tie system. As solar power is only produced at daytime but most energy is used at nighttime this calls for a smart solution


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Smart energy storage