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Energy became a necessity for our survival, but energy is still treated as luxury. If you don’t pay, you don’t receive electricity, no matter the reason why you need it. Our lives and society depend heavily on energy. Communication, food and water production, food preparation and conservation, healthcare, cooling and heating all depend on energy and show us how important electricity became. Influenced by politics or local conditions the price for 1Kwh differs a lot around the world.

For some people creating your own energy is just economics. For others it is much more. For them it means being independent and fighting global warming. Humans have the technology to reduce their carbon footprint. It does not matter if this global warming is caused by humans or not. What matters is we can help.

At the same time you can be independent. Create your own electricity and use it anyway you want. We help people to achieve this. Create your own power and take matters in your own hands.

Be inspired to take control of your future"