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m. mieremetOur story starts in 2003. MSc Marinus Mieremet, the inventor, started working on a new kind of wind turbine. Newton said, if I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Archimedes is such a giant.

This new design is based upon the works of the great Archimedes. For every shape (circle, triangle, square) he created a volume, accept for the spiral. This void is filled by the Archimedes rotor.

In 2006 the first patent was filed for the Archimedes windmill (AWM). Many more patents would follow and be approved. The shape not only looks beautiful, but also its mathematical properties are beautiful.

In 2012 MSc Marinus Mieremet moved to South Korea and started working together with the Korean company Esco RTS. Tests and development all took place in Korea, together with Esco RTS, the Pusan National University, Borim and other Korean partners. Among the tests were many performance wind tunnel tests, wind force tests up to 50 m/s and many field tests in South Korea, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech, Dutch Antilles and India. The AWM is tested in almost every weather condition.

In 2016 all of the activities were moved to South Korea. Selling and lookout for local distributors and manufacturers has started. Local production will lower the carbon footprint even further as well as helping the local economy and people.